Knee Pads

Neogel Series:

These Gel Series knee pads use advanced technology to ensure maximum comfort and endurance. The NEOGEL core allows for a soft feel and even weight distribution while the neoprene liner keeps your knee cool, dry and comfortable while you work. There are two styles of caps available depending on your work environment. An ARMORTEX cap is featured on the series 1 which provides superb abrasion resistance, great flexibility and perfect grip. Also available in the water resistant rubberized cap designated with an "R"

  • ´╗┐Advanced Technology to ensure max comfort
  • Neogel core allows even weight distribution
  • Perforated Neoprene allows knees and legs to breathe
  • Armor Tex cap provides abrasion resistance
  • Armor Tex cap is also water proof

Series 2:

  • ´╗┐Flexible shell allows for max control
  • Foam liner allows for a soft feel that will not flatten out
  • Rubber straps that are easily adjustable