Lippage Eliminator / DT-LE

A.Bottini Enterprises Inc.

  • 2062

  • Patent pending, no parts causing friction, reusable spacers/wedges, no PVC
  • Our spacers work with or without the lippage system. One side is T shape and + shape on the other side.
  • They are easy to remove, handle size, see the tile corners, and will not crush while stacking tiles.
  • Optional use: For extra long tiles and/or straight joints, the lippage eliminator can be used with our horseshoe shims.
  • It is a 3 Part System, the base, wedge and spacer.
  1. The base slips under the tile
  2. Choose the Spacer size
  3. Slide the wedge through the base
  4. To remove the lippage eliminator, simply rock the base side to side. (Utilize pliers if needed)
  • Spacers:
  • DT-LE-1/16 - 1/16" - Blue
  • DT-LE-1/8 - 1/8" - Red
  • DT-LE-3/16 - 3/16" - Yellow

All components sold in 80 pieces per bag.


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